Anatomy of an IT Assessment: The Lakeview Pharmacy Story

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Small Business Success Story

lakeview pharmacy it assessmentLakeview Pharmacy, owned and operated by Pete and Lynne Ciaramita, is one of the last independent pharmacies in Racine, WI. Since opening in 1974, they have focused on providing personalized care with a passion for excellence and innovation. They have continued expanding to meet the needs of their community and have added a long-term care and compounding pharmacy, along with a retail store.

As an independent pharmacy, Lakeview has overcome many challenges and has built a reputation of care and trust, overcoming the competition from large pharmacy chains. Even when a fire burned the pharmacy to the ground in 1991, they quickly found a new location to continue meeting the medical needs of their community.

With an experienced team of registered pharmacists, licensed nurses and dedicated staff, Lakeview had all the pieces in place to help keep their patients healthy, but their IT infrastructure was a different matter.

Everyday IT Problems

it assessment at lakeviewLakeview Pharmacy’s 36 employees began experiencing consistent work interruptions due to unreliable technology, which began as a regular loss of internet connection and printers that didn’t work consistently. “We had equipment that wasn’t operational and our IT projects were constantly being postponed by our provider,” said Pete Ciaramita. “It was part of our everyday routine to be fixing technology problems.”

Ciaramita turned to the expertise of CCB’s engineers to diagnose and address the technical issues they had been experiencing. “I expect my pharmacist to be pharmacist, not experts in IT,” he said. “But when it comes to technology… I want to be on the cutting edge.”

IT Assessment Tells the Full Story

it assessment strategyThe most fundamental tool CCB used in the initial relationship with Lakeview Pharmacy was an IT network assessment. The IT assessment gave CCB a complete look at their IT environment and allowed them to prioritize what needed to be addressed based on age, efficiencies, and functionalities within their infrastructure. It allowed them to uncover the roots of their daily IT struggles and strategically address the problems. “The IT assessment is key to moving forward and to discovering things that you thought were processing properly but were not,” said Ciaramita.

Strategic Solutions

Most of Lakeview Pharmacy’s equipment was either at or nearing end of life. CCB replaced their firewall, server, switches and access points for wireless connectivity. “They based their recommendations on input from our staff to develop the best custom IT solutions to meet our needs,” said Ciaramita. “The IT assessment mapped out a clear path to get us where we needed to be and gave us several options on timelines and costs to complete the overall project.”

Solutions Included:

  • Antivirus: Configured and installed a unified antivirus solution.
  • Security: Configured and installed a next-generation firewall and tightened up their wireless security.
  • Workstations: Joined all workstations to their domain and set up policies to ensure they are following a unified solution.
  • Server: Replaced an inadequate server and implemented a new one that provides the scalability they need for the next five years.
  • Backup solution: Replaced an inadequate backup solution with one that includes both onsite and offsite components.
  • Hardware: Replaced end of life equipment with modern business solutions to meet their workload.

Results of an IT Revival

it assessment resultsLakeview Pharmacy has experienced tremendous benefits since CCB completed their IT assessment. By uncovering their underlying IT problems, CCB was able to implement the right solutions to stabilize Lakeview’s IT environment. They now operate with much greater efficiency, higher productivity and enhanced security.

Most importantly, their staff now has more time to care for their customers. “The day to day problems we were experiencing are no longer present,” said Ciaramita. CCB helped Lakeview invest in the technology tools they could not only rely upon now, but that would be scalable for the future.

Continuous IT Care

Just as many of Lakeview’s patients require continuous care and support, Ciaramita recognized the need for continuous IT support for the pharmacy. After Lakeview’s IT revival, they began using CCB’s Managed IT Services to proactively ensure that their IT environment remains stable. CCB now handles their day-to-day IT management responsibilities, allowing staff to focus on their customers. Now, if an IT issue occurs going forward, they leave it with CCB.

“The return on investment with CCB has certainly been worth it. I have peace of mind going forward that we won’t have interruptions in our ability to serve,” said Ciaramita. “We’re taken care of, which is something we have never experienced before. And that’s very comforting.”

Do you Need an IT Revival?

An IT assessment gives you the visibility into your IT environment that you need to make the right IT decisions. Request a sample report to see what we cover and address.

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