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I’ve been working in the IT industry since the mid-nineties and CCB is a really special place. I appreciate the family atmosphere and management truly cares about the welfare of their employees and clients. I love that we get to help our customers find the right technology solution that meets their budget and empowers them to achieve their goals.

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4 Ways to Protect Your Network with Printer Security

4 Ways to Protect Your Network with Printer Security

“I’ve got my network protected! My firewall is tight. My wireless is locked down. I’ve got anti–virus and anti–malware dialed in. I. AM. SET!”  Great! What about your printers?  “Wait! What about my printers? A printer’s a printer, right? How does that affect my network security?  One of the most overlooked areas of business security…

The 2017 TechShowcase Top Takeaways

TechShowcase highlights

Whether or not you were able to join us at this year’s CCB TechShowcase, we’re more than happy to share what our event attendees thought were the 2017 TechShowcase top takeaways so that you can benefit from them in your organization. Our fourth annual CCB TechShowcase, held at Miller Park on April 13, brought together:…

Go Ahead and Laugh: 8 Ways Humor Creates a Better Workplace

Go Ahead and Laugh: 8 Ways Humor Creates a Better Workplace

I love to share a good joke, or even better, have one shared with me. I especially enjoy a good pun, like… I don’t trust stairs. They’re always up to something! Humor and laughter goes beyond plain old fun and has actually been proven to be therapeutic, morale boosting, and even good for the bottom…

Microsoft Teams: Our Initial Experience

Microsoft Teams Experience: Our Initial Experience

I introduced Microsoft Teams in our last blog post and as promised, we implemented this collaboration tool to test it out. Wow – we were impressed! It brings together the various components of Office 365 into a central hub for communicating that is reasonably intuitive and simple to navigate. To begin, our IT director installed…

Introducing Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

A look at the new Microsoft Teams! Do you work entirely alone without needing to collaborate with anyone else – never working with others on team projects? If so, Microsoft Teams is not for you. Thanks for stopping by. We’ll catch you next time. 😉 For the rest of you who work with a team…

Technology 25 Years Ago

technology 25 years ago

Why 1991? That was 25 years ago! Who cares?! Well… it turns out there were a lot of technological developments that year, some of which have totally changed the way we live. You may be surprised to discover how tech innovations from 1991 impact us today, especially one, which I must say, is AWESOME! (More…