Logan McCoy
As Vice President of IT Services, Logan leads our team of impressively skilled engineers – or as we like to call them: IT Superheroes! Under his leadership, our award-winning service division has been recognized for their IT service delivery and focus on being the best in the industry. As a public speaker, Logan has presented to executive and IT professional groups on numerous topics related to leveraging technology for increased ROI and profitability.

Posts By: Logan McCoy

How to create a disaster recovery plan: Is Azure right for you?


According to research by Security Week, data loss at the enterprise level has increased more than 400 percent over the past couple of years and it continues to grow. The rise of cloud computing, big data, and BYOD in the work environment has made it increasingly challenging to protect your organization’s data. Small businesses often make the…

Can your data backup handle a disaster?


The high cost of downtime Businesses rely on technology to run their day-to-day processes. Think email, Word docs, customer information and ordering systems, inventory, and accounting. Proper data backup and storage is a must. Your organization can lose countless hours and dollars trying to restore compromised or lost data as well as customers who will…

9 Myths About Moving to Office 365

Moving to Office 365 Myths

What small and medium-sized businesses really need to know about moving to Microsoft Office 365 Your business depends on knowing the facts. That’s why we created this myth-busting guide to clear up misconceptions about using Office 365 to power your organization. Here are the top 9 cloud myths you may have thought were true about…

Concrete Cloud Facts Business Leaders Need to Know

CCB Tech Blog - Concrete Cloud Facts Business Leaders Need to Know

They say the grass is greener in the cloud, but as a company leader, moving to the cloud with your entire company might seem like a distant, hazy mirage. We’re bringing the cloud into focus for you, so you can make an informed decision about moving to the cloud based on concrete cloud facts, not…

How to choose the right MSP: 9 Questions You Should Ask

How to choose the right MSP: 9 questions you should ask

Choosing an MSP is like choosing a new best friend – it’s someone you can trust and rely on, someone who understands your needs, someone who works with you to solve problems, and someone you naturally connect with. But let’s face it – best friends can be hard to come by – and as an…

Livin’ the Dream with Managed IT Services

Livin' the Dream with Managed IT Services

Remember your initial, idealistic view of your future career in IT? With knowledge, you had power. You could conquer the business world with your ability to understand complex computing algorithms, artificial intelligence, and virtualization. You could sit in your quiet corner sipping coffee, listening to the rhythmic hum of servers running perfectly, smiling to yourself…