25 Years of Wisdom and Change at CCB Technology: Chris Booth

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CCB Technology CEO & Founder Chris BoothChris Booth knows nothing Earthly lasts forever.

25 years ago, the successful corporate executive traded his fine mahogany desk – and the lifestyle that went with it – to start CCB in the basement of his family’s home.

Chris Booth "The Colonel"Today, the man affectionately dubbed as “The Colonel” by many who know him for his horn-rimmed glasses, snow-white hair and goatee, has moved to the sidelines as his son Patrick leads the next generation of CCB.

Over 25 years, Chris’ beliefs have had an influence on who we are today. Everyone who meets Chris leaves with a story, a lesson or something to help them along the way. I recently sat down with Chris to put these lessons on paper.

Here he states the philosophies he believes help CCB stand the test of time:


1. Cast the vision and worry about the details later.
A vision guides our emotional and logical perspective that enables us to achieve the details.

2. Expect to win!
Prepare to get a YES. Anticipate objections and solutions that you will overcome and secure the win! Begin each day with this mental mindset.

3. Take the tougher business path: stay debt free.
Sometimes this means taking small steps instead of making giant leaps.

4. Pray about your business needs and be courageous in your actions.

5. We are in the people business.
Technology is just the tool. Treat others as you want to be treated.

6. It’s not your fault, but it is your problem.
Resolve whatever issue there is — profitably.

7. Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care.

6. Fire yourself at every year-end, and re-hire yourself in the New Year.8. Fire yourself every News Years Day and re-hire yourself one millisecond later.
As a new manager what would you do differently if you were in a new position to start the New Year? This helps create a fresh perspective.

9. Make generosity a personal act, not a business decision.
How do you want to be remembered? You can be tough, but be sure you’re leaving a legacy of generosity.

10. Find something nobody else is doing and build a profitable plan for business success.

11. Trust those in leadership, but ask “Why?”
Getting the facts and data encourages logical decision-making.

12. Start your day by asking “what are the two most wildly important things I need to accomplish each day?”
Write them out, and do not stop until these two are completed.

13. Hire people who think like business owners.
Their combined help will generate success as a team, while the owner can only be involved in one task at a time.

14. Stand out – be unexpected or unpredictable. Get noticed and make people remember you. Grabbing peoples’ attention is to your advantage.

15. You may not be the smartest person in the meeting, but you should always be the most prepared.

16. Consider both Return on Investment (ROI) and Return on Expectation (ROE).
Look beyond pure investment and ask yourself, were the expectations met?” This formula is critical to building a profitable company.

17. Give your leaders everything they need to win, then tell them what you expect.

Protect your employees by protecting your company.18. Protect your employees by protecting your company.

19. Write a succession plan, then commit to it.  

20. Unashamedly promote your business in every opportunity.

21. Negative counsel generally comes from people who don’t understand the vision.
Do not let their comments alter your focus or commitment to the business vision.

22. Be humble, even when you do not want to be.
If you are doing great things, let other people tell you, instead of you telling them.

23. Keep your allies close, but your competition closer.
Learn from your competitors’ successes and mistakes.

24. Change will happen – anticipate it.23. You can never say “thank you” too many times.

25. You can never say “thank you” too many times.
Tell your employees, customers and those who support you that you appreciate what they do for you.

Scott Anderson
As Digital Marketing and Content Specialist, Scott Anderson helps tell the story of CCB through our history and unique mission. Scott has a strong background in journalism, providing him the foundation to deliver rich and relevant content for IT pros and business leaders looking to grow through technology.

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