Nonprofit Webinar: Microsoft Azure Backup & Recovery

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Join us for a 30-minute introduction to Azure Backup and Recovery specifically designed for nonprofits. Azure Backup is a cloud-based solution that offers reliability, security, cost efficiency, and a whole arsenal of tools that can be easily downloaded and deployed on your computers, servers, or in the cloud. Using a combination of Azure tools that fit your organization’s needs and $5,000 of Azure credits, you have the ability to protect your organization’s data, minimize downtime, and look to the future.

You’ll learn about:

  • The benefits and types of available Azure backups
  • How it works and how to get started
  • How the¬†pricing works and estimating cost
  • Taking advantage of the Azure Credits Program


New Nonprofit Savings: $5,000 in credits annually towards Azure solutions

Take advantage of this great opportunity and partner with CCB to get started with Azure and its wide range of cloud services.

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This webinar was on July 27.

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