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Why protect your printers?

hp-printer-security- badge-icon-385x318Today’s multi-functional printers are designed to do more than just print. They scan, send, and store potentially sensitive information. Networked printers help increase productivity and streamline business processes. But these features can leave your fleet vulnerable to attack. If your printers are all connected to your network, they need the same level of protection as your PCs and other network endpoints.

Print-related security breaches:

• Malicious threat from outside the company
• Exposure of documents at the device

• Exposure of documents sent to/from the device
• Unauthorized use

• Exposure of device settings or ports
• Company’s ability to identify the culprit of a security breach

How they can happen:

  • Devices

    Printing and imaging devices store user credentials and other sensitive data such as stored print jobs that can be accessed if it’s not encrypted or regularly erased.

  • Network Data

    Multifunction printers reside on your company network. They can also be hacked like a computer and be an entry point for malware and viruses.

  • Access control & Authentication

    In the absence of a pull printing requirement, sensitive documents may be retrieved by any user. Anyone who has access to printer settings can exploit permissions if the settings aren’t restricted to admin-only access.

  • Monitoring & Management

    Lack of centralized printer control can lead to inefficient, incomplete, and time-intensive efforts by IT to establish and maintain printer security settings.

  • Documents

    Output trays are an easy way for sensitive data to fall into the wrong hands. Unprotected input trays could lead to the theft of special paper–such as check stock.

Defend your printers with HP JetAdvantage Security Solutions

printer-image-icon-385x318When it comes to security, most businesses only protect their tablets and PCs, leaving their printers vulnerable to intrusion. Unfortunately, if your business printers are at risk, then your entire business is at risk. Harden this weak link in your network with printing solutions like HP PageWide printers.

HP JetAdvantage includes:

  • HP Sure Start

    HP Sure Start validates the integrity of the BIOS code. If the BIOS is compromised, HP Sure Start reboots the device and loads a safe, “golden copy” of the BIOS.

  • Whitelisting

    During startup, the firmware is checked to ensure that it is authentic, known, good code, digitally signed by HP.

  • Run-Time Intrusion Detection

    Constantly monitors and detects anomalies during complex firmware and memory operations. In the event of an intrusion, the device automatically reboots.

Private Print for your shared print environment.

Private Print is a cloud-based solution on the HP JetAdvantage On Demand platform, available with many HP printers and MFPs. Now you can print sensitive documents to shared printers without security worries.

  • User must authenticate at device before print job releases.
  • Keeps costs in check by helping to reduce print waste.
  • Improves productivity – sent document will be waiting for authentication.
  • Easily add users by importing from Active Directory.

Everything you need to know about Private Print.


HP JetAdvantage Security Manager

HP JetAdvantage Security Manager
, the industry’s only policy-based imaging and printing compliance solution, automates print fleet security. You can easily set security configuration policies and automatically validate settings for every HP printer in your fleet.
See the Solution Guide.

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