Microsoft Azure Backup & Recovery

Help protect your critical data: On-premises and in the Cloud

What is Azure Backup?

Azure Backup is a backup as a service (BaaS) solution that is simple and cost-effective. It provides trusted and powerful tools both on-premises and in the cloud. Azure Backup protects your organization’s data wherever it resides—in the data center, remote offices, or the public cloud—while being sensitive to the unique requirements these scenarios pose.

  • Cloud-based (No tape!)

    Business and compliance regulations often require organizations to protect data for a number of years. Over time that data grows exponentially. Traditionally, long-term retention means using one thing: Tape. Azure Backup gives your organization advantages that tape copies can’t ― significant cost savings, shorter recovery, and 99 years of retention.

  • Highly-Secure

    Azure Backup stores data in secure geo-replicated storage to maintain six copies of your data across two Azure datacenters. Data is encrypted before it leaves your datacenter, sent over  a secure connection to Azure, and stored encrypted in Azure. Plus, you can’t beat operational peace of mind with 99.9% service availability.

  • Efficient and Flexible

    Incremental changes are on a defined schedule and are sent based on a set frequency after the initial seeding is complete. Built-in features to boost IT efficiency include compression, encryption, longer retention, and bandwidth throttling.

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