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Where to go from here?

Although Exchange 2007 was revolutionary at the time, the technology landscape is constantly evolving. If your business is still running Exchange 2007, its support cycle has ended. Upgrading to Office 365, which includes Exchange Online*, ensures that your email will continue to function and gives your organization new opportunities to innovate.

As a recognized industry leader in Office 365 migrations, CCB Technology has successfully migrated over 70,000 users to Office 365.

If you’re not sure where to start, just give us a call: 800.342.4222. We can help your organization migrate to O365.

*Exchange Online is not included with Office 365 Business or Office 365 ProPlus.

Make the Move to Office 365


Scenario #1:
A cyber criminal attempts to use a phishing attack to breach your network and gain access to the sensitive information it contains.


Exchange 2007

Edge Transport Server was introduced in Exchange 2007 to identify viruses and spam before they reached your mailbox server. But the cyber threat landscape has evolved, and compatibility issues between Exchange 2007 and your modern hardware leave your environment vulnerable to attack.

O365 | Exchange Online

Improved features like anti-malware and anti-spam filtering, Data Loss Prevention, and security team monitoring help keep your sensitive data from falling in the wrong hands.

Mobile Productivity

Scenario #2:
An urgent project request requires the swift coordination of team members across multiple offices, time zones, and countries — including employees working remotely.


A lack of Office 365 integration, along with reduced functionality of services and disabled features after the support cycle ends, makes team collaboration challenging.

Exchange simplifies and improves collaboration, so your team members can seamlessly share data across multiple devices and applications.


Scenario #3:
Your annual compliance audit is rapidly approaching and information regarding an email conversation with a third-party vendor from six months ago has been requested.


Out-of-support servers and an out-of-date inbox make locating the requested email conversation a time-consuming endeavor. You eventually locate the conversation, after the compliance deadline has passed.

The enhanced auditing, faster search, and intelligent inbox capabilities of Exchange Online allow you to locate the email conversation quickly, create an accurate compliance report, and submit it on time.

Take a look at your IT environment

report-data-icon-02-300x300Technology doesn’t stand still and neither should your organization. It has been a decade since the release of Exchange 2007. Even though support ended in April, it’s never too late to migrate off of your old technology. It’s also an opportunity to get your an IT Infrastructure checked out.

Get an evaluation of your entire environment, along with recommendations to increase security, efficiencies, and compliance.

See how we keep it simple.


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