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Wi-Fi is easy – Secure Wi-Fi is the challenge

Businesses need wireless networks. Offering access to Wi-Fi has huge benefits, but it doesn’t come risk-free. From public hotspots to corporate Wi-Fi, threats are lurking around every corner. IT professionals that trade security for access are setting themselves up for disaster. Are you aware of the top eleven threats to your network?

See the threats.


Of employees believe that Wi-Fi is the most important amenity a business can provide.


WatchGuard is the only solution that can do this:

  • Automatically detect and prevent the six known Wi-Fi threat categories simultaneously while maintaining performance.

  • Support automatic detection and prevention of rogue APs, rogue clients and endpoints from communicating over ad-hoc Wi-Fi connection.

  • Automatically prevent connections to “evil twin” APs and dangerous connections to misconfigured APs such as private SSIDs without encryption.

Are your APs secure?

Your existing Wi-Fi solution may be good for connectivity but not so good at preventing threats. Luckily every product that WatchGuard creates is designed to enable a SECURE wireless environment. You don’t need to rip out your existing Wi-Fi solution – just add WatchGuard’s Wi-Fi security.


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What makes WatchGuard’s Wi-Fi security unique?

Automatic prevention of the six known Wi-Fi threat categories simultaneously

MIERCOM – a widely recognized company that generates industry reports based on hands-on competitive testing – recently covered a ground-breaking, never-been-done series of tests to determine how effectively an access point can support real-time applications such as voice, video, and data while simultaneously detecting and preventing the most common wireless security threats. For each Wi-Fi threat, they recorded the time to detect and time to prevent using Wi-Fi equipment from WatchGuard, Aruba, Cisco Meraki, and Ruckus.

This report clearly demonstrates that other Wi-Fi systems are ineffective at securing your Wi-Fi airspace when compared with WatchGuard. WatchGuard’s Wi-Fi solution is unique in the market; the first solution to enable a completely Trusted Wireless Environment to defend your airspace and protect your business 24/7.

“Miercom has independently observed the performance of the WatchGuard Technologies AP420 with Secure, Cloud-Managed Wi-Fi solution and awards the Miercom Certified Secure accreditation in recognition of its superior performance in the competitive security assessment against similar competitive products.” – Robert Smithers, CEO, Miercom

Not all partners are created equal

Don’t guess at installing or improving your wireless environment. CCB’s expert Wi-Fi design team will help you build the Wi-Fi environment of your dreams using a predictive simulation that shows the approximate number of access points, models, and install locations. All you need to do is set up a consultation.

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