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fresh world perspective ccbWith a new generation dubbed as “wanderlusters” leading the way, our view of the world and our place in it is rapidly expanding as we experience new places and cultures. At CCB this year, we never imagined that a yearlong focus on gratitude would expand our worldview by taking us on a trip to Sweden to share our story with companies from across Europe.

It began as a part of our 25th anniversary celebration this past year, when we chose “Glad to Be Here” as our annual theme, a phrase that is at the heart of motivational speaker John Foley’s message, and in its simplest form represents owning an attitude of gratitude while working toward a greater purpose. Little did we know that by purposefully embracing Glad to Be Here, it would not only change our company culture, but also change us as individuals and make us realize the influence we have far beyond our company walls.

I shared with Foley the transformative impact we had been experiencing since embracing this theme, and mid-year I received an invitation to present CCB’s Glad to Be Here journey at the “Nordic Forum for Continuous Improvement”, an annual conference in Sweden for European companies focused on improving their company cultures. I was asked to present our experience as a case study on behalf of Foley.

Rather than talk for our employees, we put together a series of videos of employees sharing firsthand what Glad to Be Here has meant to them. I traveled to Europe for the first time in November, bringing with me Stacey Neideffer, our VP of Accounting and Finance, and the personal reflections from employees that bring Glad to Be Here to life. I had the privilege of facilitating the telling of our Glad to Be Here story, a mindset that can transcend country and culture. I want to share a few of the videos that inspired my listeners most, in hopes that you can experience the impact that this “attitude of gratitude” has had on us and share in its transformational mindset.

A Contagious Sense of Purpose 

Making the Choice to Be Glad

Gratitude in All Aspects of Life

Glad to Be Here has made a difference in all of us at CCB Technology. We appreciate to a fuller extent what we have, what we do, and the people we get to do it alongside. There are people in other countries now as well that are implementing the Glad to Be Here mindset because of the results they saw us experience. It truly has been an impactful and memorable year!

So what do you choose as a new annual theme after one like this? That was a tough one, but we think we have a good contender – “It STARTS with me” –  with STARTS being an acronym for service, thankfulness, attitude, responsibility, teamwork and success. It may not take us to another country, but we hope it will help the employees of CCB continue to enjoy the wonderful culture we have with a joint focus.

Now in closing – Glad to Be Here!

Melody Bernhardt
As VP of Marketing, Melody (aka Mel) runs a full functioning marketing department that continues to include the management of industry relationships. With over 20 years of marketing and business experience, she has continued to find new and innovative ways to engage CCB’s customer base.

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