CCB’s Jon Hermanson is a Featured Cybersecurity Expert

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Biz Times article recommends solutions for businesses

Jon Hermanson, sales engineer at CCB Technology, was recently featured as a cybersecurity expert in a Milwaukee BizTimes article. He provides insight and advice for businesses to prevent data breaches like the recent Equifax breach.

Here is an excerpt from the article in which Hermanson urges companies to keep their IT updated in order to keep hackers out.

hermanson-jon“A lot of times hackers don’t immediately attack (when they get your information), but they will sit there for two to three years and just look and wait for the opportune moment. So in order to protect from that, we’re telling companies to make sure that your firewall is updated, make sure your anti-virus is updated.

“A lot of smaller companies think they’re not going to be affected by this and they don’t take the time or spend the money to make sure it’s up-to-date. But hackers are always two steps ahead, so it’s key to prepare.”

Read the complete article here: Equifax breach underscores importance of robust cybersecurity: Experts recommend preventive measures for businesses

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