IT Infrastructure Assessment


Why do you need an IT Infrastructure Assessment?

As networks continue to become more complex, they bring new network infrastructure management challenges. It’s not enough to know how many desktops, servers and users – you need a comprehensive snapshot.

With this simple assessment, we can help you prioritize risks and issues, pinpoint where to find them, and give you information on how to remediate them. The assessment can also include data on:

  • Microsoft 365 cloud services
  • Active Directory and Azure AD
  • Exchange or SQL servers
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery Analysis
  • Asset Detail
  • Patch Management Analysis
  • Site Diagram


How it works:

We do a non-intrusive data collection scan that runs in the background and will not interfere with your daily operations. The data is analyzed, filtered, and then formatted in a report tailored to your needs.



IT Infrastructure Assessment Special Offer

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  • Offer expires December 31, 2021

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The benefits of an Infrastructure Assessment

  • Collect detailed network data and uncover hard to detect issues.

  • Identify potential risks in your environment – from user threats to network vulnerabilities.

  • Learn about remediation solutions and the budget needed to support them.

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