Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has quickly become the hub for team collaboration within Microsoft 365. It brings together the people, tools, and content you need to get more done in one feature-rich workspace. Want to see all that it can do? Watch our webinar series below.

Check out our Quick Start Program to learn more about how to quickly get up and running with Teams.



Become a Teams Meeting Expert

Microsoft Teams meetings can be a wonderful resource for both those socially distancing in the office and your remote workforce. Get the most out of your Teams meetings by learning how to master setup and management, and to administer your meetings without any embarrassing drops or glitches. Plus, we’ll share some of our favorite tips we love using in Microsoft Teams.


Achieve more with Microsoft Teams

If you are a current Office 365 user, you have a valuable collaboration tool available that can help you work seamlessly with your colleagues and face this challenge head-on. We’ll share how to get started.

Deep Dive: What Teams Can Do

Teams is a central hub for conversations, files and meetings – but just how does that all work together? We take you through the many facets of Teams and how you can best utilize it for your organization.

Teams Administration

We provide an overview of the Teams Admin center and the management tools available. Plus, we discuss integration with Active Directory and things you need to consider in your existing environment.

Collaboration Outside your Organization

How do you work with someone through Teams outside of your organization? We’ll look at how to provide access, restrict permissions and what the experience looks like on their side.

Microsoft Teams Quick Start Program

We’ve had so many organizations tell us that they have Teams, but don’t know where to begin to get things started. We’ve put together a cost-effective way to help you get up and running on what we know will quickly become your organization’s “go-to” collaborative tool.

For a fixed price of just $2900, CCB will manage your Teams launch and give your endusers an understanding of how to best utilize it.
Here’s what’s included:


  • Project management

    • Preplanning discussions
    • Post-launch follow-up

  • Foundational enduser training

    • Overview of structure
    • General navigation
    • Best practices
    • Teams and Channels
    • Chat utilization
    • Meetings and files
    • App integrations
    • Tips and techniques

  • Consulting to ensure an effective roll out of Microsoft Teams

    • Deployment Planning
    • Management Strategy
    • Policies
    • Settings
    • Team/Channel Structures

  • Initial base setup of Teams

    • Teams creation
    • Management set-up
    • Meetings
    • Messaging
    • Team apps
    • External guest access
    • MS365 email integration

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