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Every improvement to your IT environment begins with one
very simple, very important step: a conversation.

Consult and Assess ITIL

Let’s start the conversation.

Every journey begins with one single step, and starting well is just as important as starting.
Especially in technology, the time it takes to see a return on investments is vital, which means proper execution is key.
We never launch a project or service without a clear examination and lots of strategic planning.

Our first step is a conversation, uncovering your needs and business objectives and a process for seeing those goals realized.
Our consult and assess service offers a firm starting ground for networking, security, SQL, and other projects,
so you can be certain that your first step will count.

Key benefits

  • Achieve your goals

    CCB consulting and assessment services let you first evaluate, then plan how to lengthen the life of your current technology infrastructure.

  • Increase expertise

    Enhance and broaden your company’s skill and business know-how by consulting with your CCB project manager.

  • Prevent complications

    By proactively assessing your environment, you have the power to remain one step ahead of potential setbacks.

  • Improve security

    A focused examination of your network will actively identify dangerous threats, so you never find yourself exposed and reeling to manage the aftermath.

  • Plan ahead

    Understanding your environment through an assessment allows you to plan the execution of your core business agendas.

Technology Planning

Our industry-leading experts will strategize with you and create a project plan to connect you with technology that will launch your business forward. We will handle the heavy lifting and project planning so that you can focus on your long term goals.

Build a contingency plan for any potential crises (flood, fire, zombie apocalypses… you name it).

With the insight and experience of CCB’s technology experts, the details and nuances of your project will be carefully planned for.


When it comes to the condition and security of your IT, it’s better not to guess. We provide comprehensive dissections of your environment to unveil hidden threats and accurately gauge your strengths and vulnerabilities, so you know which areas to focus on.

IT Infrastructure Assessment

We examine your complete IT environment in order to improve operations, uncover vulnerabilities, and assess what new technologies will add the greatest value to your business.

Exchange Assessment

We assess your Exchange server to improve efficiency and workflow, and to prevent downtime and keep communication running. Get a full traffic report that gives you the information of how, when, and for what mailboxes are being used.

SQL Assessment

CCB surveys your SQL server and mission-critical databases so you can judge your health for best practices, plan defined maintenance, and see the details behind unsuccessful task and errors.

Wireless Network Survey

wireless solution

Whether you need to improve your existing wireless network or you’re looking to get one up and running, having a wireless survey completed is essential to a versatile, reliable network. When setting up your Wi-Fi, it’s better not to guess – make sure you are getting reliable wireless coverage based on factors unique to your organization:

• How many users and devices will require access?
• What is your building size, material, location, etc.?
• If you have existing APs, where are they located?
• Will you need both private and public Wi-Fi?

IT Infrastructure Assessment

Do you have the right tools to ensure that your IT environment is meeting your business needs? If not, your environment could be suffering. We can help you evaluate what you have and provide recommendations to increase security, efficiencies, and compliance.

Consider these factors:

  • Are there unknown vulnerabilities in your security?
  • Are the latest industry best practices being followed?
  • Are current technologies being maximized for efficiency?
  • Are software updates and configurations being maintained?

Ready to dig deep into your IT environment?

Take the first step. For references and certifications, contact CCB.


How does an
IT Assessment
benefit you?

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How we keep it simple:

  • We connect with you and your team to understand your concerns and we collect the data needed to examine your IT environment.

  • We analyze every aspect thoroughly with special attention to where efficiencies and security can be improved.

  • We provide an extensive comprehensive report that includes recommendations and an appropriate course of action.

Lakeview Pharmacy

We had an IT assessment done by CCB due to problems with our former IT vendors.  We needed to upgrade our equipment and software, but projects were constantly being delayed.  CCB came in, conducted the assessment, and explained what was needed to get us up to optimal operating efficiency.  They immediately became a partner in our quest to improve our IT environment.  CCB based their recommendations on input from our staff combined with their knowledge of best practices in IT management and then presented our options in terms and language that we could understand.

The assessment CCB performed mapped out a clear path to get us where we needed to be, and gave us a several options on timelines and costs to complete the overall project. We are now nearing the completion of what we call our “IT revival” and it has been a pleasure working with the CCB team. We have complete confidence in where they have taken us. Now that our “revival” is nearly completed, we look forward to working with CCB as a managed services partner.”

PETE CIARAMITA, Owner, Lakeview Pharmacy

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