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Deploy and Install ITILWe make your transition easy.


While we can’t offer actual jet-packs (yet), we can give you the next best thing. A CCB deployment aligns your business objectives with technologies to keep you up to speed. Just think of us as your personal jet-pack.

As your business objectives develop and illuminate, it can feel like the tools you need for executing your goals are in sight but on the other side of a huge chasm. With our deploy and install service, CCB will be the bridge crossing the gap and bringing you to the tools that will better empower your mission.

Whether you are looking at a nimble cloud solution, a fortified security environment, a flexible wireless network, or any other tools, whatever your destination might be, we can take you there.

Key benefits

  • Liberate your schedule

    We manage deployment from beginning to post-integration support, so you can focus on your long-term goals.

  • Accelerate ROI

    Quick and accurate execution will create a rapid return on your investment.

  • Minimize disruption

    With the project safely in CCB’s hands, rest assured that your end users will experience minimal downtime.

  • Maximize efficiency

    CCB not only plans and executes your deployment, but ensures everything moves smoothly after project completion.

  • Budget accurately

    We help you reduce operating expenses, creating a clear cut financial plan.

  • Facilitate change

    Finding the right tools doesn’t help unless you can implement them. We will deploy your solutions so you can quickly begin to leverage their power.

Cloud migrations

CCB has successfully moved over 70,000 users (and counting!) to the cloud, so you can rely on our experience. We pre-calculate and test all factors to ensure the plan and project you move into is the right fit the first time. Leverage our expertise and avoid the unexpected problems and intricacies of a cloud migration.

What we migrate

Whether you’re moving to Office 365, deploying a hosted SQL server, or migrating your file server to Azure, CCB is able to manage your migration in its entirety.

Total synchronization

CCB offers active directory and data synchronization to ensure accuracy and simplicity during the transition.

Post-integration support

It doesn’t end after deployment. CCB offers ongoing training and support so you can fully employ the power of the cloud.

Firewall, content filtering, and security

In an era of viruses, malware, and ever-evolving threats, you need a security plan that stays ahead of the game. With CCB deploying your security solution, you can trust that no detail will be overlooked. Move forward with a robust and resilient network.

Run smoothly

An experienced and certified engineer will configure and install your appliances, ensuring functionality and ongoing security.

Gain granular control

CCB will deploy a tiered content filtering solution to enhance the focus and specificity of your security.

Stay up to date

Once your firewall and security implementation is complete, CCB offers patch management, proactive support, and a dedicated renewals department to keep your environment safe.

Operating system deployment and application installs

A properly and professionally installed application or OS is vital for high quality performance and continued functionality. Our engineers are ready to evaluate your environment, install your new operating system, and refresh your hardware platforms so you can seamlessly transition to the future.


Our licensing experts will work side-by-side with our engineers to guarantee that your users and devices are accurately licensed.

OS Deployments

We will deploy your new OS or applications all at once with our software imaging tools, seamlessly moving you forward.


Your success directly correlates with the efficiency of your tools, so protect your future by having CCB’s Network Engineers deploy a network of high-functioning, interoperable, and borderless devices.

Move quickly

Our team of certified Network Engineers can preconfigure your networking devices and boost your environment quickly with new tools.

Promote device continuity

We will ensure that switches, WAP’s, firewalls, and any other networking devices, communicate and connect seamlessly.

Let us put out fires

After implementation CCB will proactively manage and maintain your network to ensure constant uptime.

IP telephony

Whether you are looking at an on premise or a hosted IP solution, CCB can ensure your investment is quickly and securely implemented. Protect your continued collaboration by partnering with CCB to deploy your IP telephony.

Test for efficiency

We will diagnose the state of your routers to determine if your network is prepared for the propagation of IP multicast packets.

Integrate fully

CCB will help you fully utilize IP services for voice calls, instant messaging, conferencing, and video conferencing.

Prepare to collaborate

We will fully prepare your environment by integrating any and all devices utilizing your IP telephony (phones, long-range microphones, conference rooms, and more).

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