Design and Procure

Your IT network is the bedrock of your business success,
so we help you design an IT blueprint and foundation for continued, sustainable success.

Design and Procure ITIL

Strengthen your IT Infrastructure.

Even the most tremendous structure needs a firm foundation in order to be sustained, and your IT infrastructure has the same need.

With the help of our experienced system architects and IT professionals, CCB will take care of the complicated and time consuming design and procure process for your technology tools. Less than 30 percent of IT time is spent on innovation in all industries, so we take care of the tasks that eat up your time and money, allowing you to spend your time advancing and innovating.

Let us help you create a stronger IT foundation.

Key benefits

  • Manage confidently

    We will professionally design specific devices or a whole network of devices, so you can ensure you receive the ideal solution for your environment the first time.

  • Streamline processes

    We do the legwork of research for physical resources and licenses, so sourcing is simplified and your energy can be used elsewhere.

  • Centralize resources

    Covering all areas of IT, we have the knowledge to guide you to a solution that integrates into your entire environment. We’re your one-stop-shop for IT innovation.

  • Continued support

    Our relationship with you continues beyond the design and procurement process. We track your assets to simplify future projects and purchases.

  • Gain an advisor

    With over 24 years invested in strategic industry partnerships, we leverage our relationships to give you the best hardware and software solutions at the right price. We do more than just plan.

Data Center and System Design

CCB will quickly design a flexible and easily provisioned data center by assessing your existing resources, learning about your environment, and understanding your future goals.

Maximize returns

As we formulate a solution, we work to utilize your existing servers, storage, and networking devices.

Plan ahead

You’re able to optimize for evolution as we design your system with growth and scalability in mind.

Simplify implementation

We will fit you with turn-key solutions, procuring items that can seamlessly fit into your environment.

Hardware configuration

CCB’s experts can configure hardware solutions that are tailored to your specific needs, so your tools perform exactly as you need them to.

Customize your hardware

We will guide you to the manufacturer and configuration that is equipped to meet your needs.

Preinstall settings

CCB will deliver white glove services, preinstalling and imaging your hardware, giving you an out-of-the-box solution.


Because of our long-lasting partnerships with the world’s leading hardware innovators (Dell, HP, Lenovo, Cisco, Apple, and more), you will always have access to the highest quality hardware solutions.

Leasing and financing

We make it easier for you to invest in better tools and save money with our financing and leasing programs.

Flexible options

We work with you to tailor a payment structure that fits your specific needs, including periodic payments, Fair Market Value (FMV), $1 buyout, among other options.

Prevent obsolescence

Leasing opens the door for continued technology relevance by offering quick and painless product transitions.

Mitigate risk

With the option of returning, purchasing, or extending a contract for equipment, leasing reduces purchasing risk without diminishing the rewards.

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