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The Law of the Lever

In physics, one of the most fundamental mechanical advantages is the lever; it shows us that when you amplify the input force to provide a greater output force, leverage occurs. Our mission is to act as your lever giving you the mechanical advantage for accomplishing your goals. That is where CCB Support comes in.

Whether you utilize end user helpdesk, remote support, project fulfillment, or any other IT support service, we will free you from the bondage of your day-to-day, time consuming, mundane, low-reward tasks. We shift the weight from your back and onto ours. It’s simple physics. Let us be your advantage.

Leverage the benefits

  • Control Expenses

    CCB Support eliminates the unpredictability that otherwise accompanies IT, giving you greater control of your resources.

  • Augment your staff

    By teaming with CCB Support, you can grow your staff as needed without having to make major capital investments.

  • Focus your tasks

    Additional IT support allows you to prioritize the projects on your desk, so you can dedicate the time and attention necessary to complete tasks thoroughly.

  • Mitigate risk

    With access to a dedicated team of experienced IT personnel and built in problem escalation, we help you ensure that complications never go unresolved.

  • Thrive internally

    By partnering with CCB Support, your internal staff will gain the opportunity to extensively specialize and develop capabilities.

End User Helpdesk

CCB’s 24×7 end user helpdesk gives your end users a strong resource for day-to-day IT maintenance and troubleshooting, and lifts the burden of putting out fires off of your shoulders.

Automate and streamline problem management while your users run smoothly.

With us assisting in daily operations, your IT staff can maintain their focus on your visionary projects.

End user helpdesk offers both telephone and
e-ticket support
for quick and easy problem resolution.

Remote support

We believe that you deserve the ultimate support regardless of your geographical location. Remote support creates a borderless world for you and your technology.

Leverage time

Since no travel is necessary while you’re utilizing our remote support, you’re able to minimize the time needed for resolving technology problems.

Leverage expertise

Remote support gives you the skill of CCB’s experienced and just-flat-out-awesome technicians without requiring any major capital investment.

Office 365 Support

If you don’t have a dedicated IT person, or if you need additional IT support, let our CCB Office 365 Support manage your Office 365 environment for you. CCB provides you with support for Office 365 related issues during business hours, support ticket escalation for quick response, and Office 365 admin management.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Office 365 Admin Center Management
  • Office 365 Directory Synchronization Support
  • Office 365 Exchange Admin Center (EAC)
  • Other Office 365 Applications
  • Add-On: Office 365 Support with Backup

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