Strategic Planning, Penetration Testing, Compliance, and Virtualization

Optimize ITIL

Do IT Better.

In a world of shrinking real-estate, the innovation of the skyscraper proved that you don’t always need new ground to improve or advance. In a similar way, CCB’s optimize service helps you move up, refining and perfecting your existing resources before adding new ones.

Whether it is by means of a virtualized network, improvement of PCI compliance, strategic planning, or any other optimize service, we will give you integrated solutions for your business objectives. Start with what you have and build up from there.

Optimize your future.

  • Free your schedule

    Optimization streamlines and focuses the functionality of your tools, preventing problems and creating a well-oiled-machine out of your environment.

  • Increase value

    We help actualize the potential of your existing IT assets to free your budget for other business agendas. Never say never to ROI!

  • Protect your organization

    Improve your adherence to standards, policies, and compliances and avoid penalties or fines. This safeguards both your employees and your customers.

  • Create capital

    CCB will help you consolidate and improve the functionality of your network to mitigate wasteful operational expenses.

  • Build better

    With a fully optimized environment, you can manage with confidence rather than replace malfunctioning equipment.

Strategic Planning

We know that a high-functioning IT environment doesn’t happen overnight. That is why we work with you to formulate an agenda for developing a network that fits both your business needs and your budget.

Prepare and equip your users to adapt when change becomes a necessity.

We align your technology projects with your business timelines through a well formulated technology strategy.

We work within your budgetary needs to plan and prioritize your IT spending.

Penetration Testing

Do you know what the actual effectiveness of your existing security measures are if an actual real-world attack were to happen? Do you know what assets, data or people might be targeted? Pen Testing can provide you with those answers. Pen Testing goes beyond a security assessment and can help identify deeply hidden vulnerabilities.

CCB’s Penetration (Pen) Testing (a.k.a., Ethical Hacking) puts your network through a real-world examination to protect your information and improve your processes.

CCB can help you not only identify the risks, but will also provide a comprehensive report that includes a plan for effective remediation.

PCI and HIPAA Compliance

Protecting your customers’ information is one of your most critical responsibilities. CCB will evaluate and scrutinize your network to ensure that it is refined for compliance with PCI and HIPAA Data Security Standards.

Safeguard your business

Aligning with PCI and HIPPA standards not only protects payment card information, it also protects you from additional fines, fees, and penalties.

Track and monitor

We will enable the surveillance of all access to all resources and cardholder data.

Augment security

CCB will deploy firewalls and tools that will bolster your PCI and HIPAA Compliance and protect your network as a whole.


By optimizing your current infrastructure for virtualization, you immediately boost your scalability and resource management.

Tailored solutions

Our IT engineers will partner with our licensing experts to ensure that you are connected to the ideal virtual solution for your business and resource requirements.

High availability

A virtualized environment offers unparalleled server and application availability.

Increase affordability

Virtualization will allow you to consolidate more applications on fewer servers, giving you better performance and a lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Improve your present, build your future.

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