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Are your tools where you need them, when you need them?

Scalability, flexibility, and mobility are great promises, but where do you start the climb to the cloud in order to make these benefits a reality?

CCB delivers cloud offerings that not only fit your specific environment, but grow as you grow. As a top Cloud Innovator, we have optimized the cloud consulting and deployment process so you can elevate your business through the cloud with ease. If moving your business forward means moving up into the cloud, we will help you start.

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The beauty of the cloud

  • Hands-free evolution

    The cloud turns formerly arduous projects, like upgrades and adding storage, into invisible and completely seamless updates.

  • Unlimited scalability

    The control of scaling and adjusting a cloud solution gives you maximum efficiency and control so you only pay for exactly what you use.

  • Redundancy and resilience

    Cloud solutions offer a safe platform for your mission critical data through virtualization, geo-synchronous redundancy, and other data safeguards.

  • Lowered cost

    With a cloud solution, technology becomes an operational expense rather than a capitol expense, eliminating maintenance, software licensing, utility costs, and many other major expenditures.

  • Flexible capacities

    As your company grows and changes the cloud grows with you, so you can adjust resources up and down in accordance with your operational demands.

Our Featured Cloud Computing Solutions

  • Microsoft Office 365

    Office 365’s hosted Exchange and Office suite help your users stay connected and efficient, even on the move.



  • Adobe Creative Cloud

    Utilize the collaborative power of Adobe’s full suite or single apps through the Creative Cloud.



  • Microsoft Azure

    Use Azure for scalable backup, to quickly spin up VMs and deploy apps, or to host and create websites.



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Deploy and Install ITIL

CCB Deployment Service

Our Migration Team has moved over 70,000 users to the cloud. Whether you’re looking for a complete or hybrid transition, we’re ready to partner with you to help move your company to the cloud.

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