Build a reliable architecture and sustain a high-quality, media-rich work experience.

Can you depend on your network?

Your networking tools are the bridge connecting people to the information they need, but is that bridge fortified and dependable? With traffic increasing, video and mobile devices multiplying daily, and mission critical tools depending on high availability, you need to be certain that this bridge is a reliable means for transporting vital information.

CCB gives you the tools for a stable, mobile, and high-functioning network. From wireless routers and access points, to firewalls and switches, we deliver top tier networking devices from innovators like Cisco, HP, Dell, and others.

Partner with us to bridge the networking gap from media-rich content to your users.

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Key benefits

  • Augment security

    We help you utilize a network infrastructure that protects your data and lets you know you’re data is safe.

  • Enjoy uptime

    We improve your bandwidth and network resiliency through load balancing, so you can maximize performance and maintain network up-time.

  • Increase mobility

    Free your company to work efficiently and flexibly by deploying or further enhancing a full wireless solution.

  • Use the best

    Whether you’re looking for a wireless, routing, or switching solution, CCB’s deep-seated partnerships will bring you the right solution at the right price.

  • Streamline traffic

    Reduce latencies by equipping your network with components that utilize redundancy and traffic prioritization.

  • Improve efficiency

    CCB’s Network Assessment will examine the way your environment functions, issuing a detailed synopsis of its current state.

Our Partners in Networking Solutions

  • Cisco delivers holistic networking solutions focusing on borderless networks, media-rich collaboration, and virtualization.

  • HP offers end-to-end networking solutions that lead the industry with customer driven innovations.

  • Take a hold of your network’s future with SonicWall’s security and content control solutions.

  • Ruckus’s proprietary “Smart Wi-Fi” technology makes them an innovator in the wireless market for flexible and reliable solutions.

  • Barracuda’s networking solutions solve IT problems through award-winning technology and open source software.

Looking to network strategically?

Optimize ITIL

CCB Optimization Service

Our Optimize service offers strategic planning for a robust and sustainable network. Whether it is by means of a virtualized network, improvement of PCI compliance, strategic planning, or any other optimize service, we will give you integrated solutions for your business objectives.

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