Unified Communication

The ultimate collaboration solution for business

Do you have a unified team?

Behind the curtain of portfolio diversification, gross margins, accounts receivables, and other buzz words of the business world stands one vital constant: people connecting with people. Increasing the quality of these connections has a direct impact on your business success.

Unified Communication (UC) integrates all of your communication services, such as IM, presence information, telephony, video conferencing, and more, into one cohesive unit. We work with you to develop a highly efficient and collaborative workplace. Our network of partnerships for each aspect of UC means that you’ll receive a holistic and network specific solution, opening new doors of freedom and flexibility.

Bring flexible and comprehensive unified communication and collaboration solutions to your workplace. Connect people, and the dots will follow.

Equip communication. Inspire collaboration.

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What UC equips you to do

  • Leverage media

    Enable users to simply access and share media-rich content such as videos and photos, no matter what device they use.

  • Eliminate borders

    UC allows you to easily link mobile devices to the network so you can stay connected at all times.

  • Connect easily

    Connect quickly and painlessly through IM, presence information, video, and more, using whatever means best suits your situation.

  • Cut travel costs

    Telepresence and web conferencing tools display almost immediate savings by replacing business trips and spanning geographical gaps.

Our Partners in Unified Communication

  • Microsoft’s Skype for Business gives you a hosted service, delivering audio, video, IM, presence, media-rich meetings, and web conferencing tools.

  • Borderless, future-proof networks that are conducive to collaboration and sharing high-quality, media-rich content.

  • Alteva delivers a comprehensive video, voice, and collaborative experience for mobile or local users, and for cloud and hybrid environments alike.

Need help staying unified?

Manage ITIL

We will manage the individual pieces of your UC solution, to ensure communication is a constant.

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