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Eric O'Neill

Tales of a Spy Catcher

Cybersecurity in the Age of Espionage

Recent years have seen an immense increase of cyber theft of private and confidential data including information from government agencies, business of all sizes, and even private individuals. The modern spy is responsible for these attacks. Today’s spies are sophisticated, devious and technologically advanced, and they are targeting your data. 

Join us at the CCB TechShowcase to meet the spy catcher who helped capture the most damaging spy in FBI history. Former FBI Operative Eric O’Neill will share his espionage stories and help you discover tools for success in the battle against cyber terrorism.

Learn the most critical ways that spies are stealing your data and how you can take steps to stop them.


Leadership Speaker at CCB TechShowcase MKE: Eric O'Neill

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“Eric O’Neill brings to life the realities of espionage and what it means to the average business. He painted a picture that was both enticing and terrifying based upon his experience at the FBI.”

CSO Magazine

Meet Eric O'Neill

In 2001, Eric O’Neill helped capture Robert Hanssen, the most notorious spy in United States history, who was a 25-year veteran of the FBI. Eric gained Hanssen’s trust and then used that relationship to slowly draw the traitor out of deep cover. Eric’s investigative skill led to the arrest and conviction of the spy.

O’Neill began his career in the FBI as a graduate of the FBI’s Intelligence Program. He spent the first five years of his career as a special surveillance group field operative tasked to surveil and monitor foreign, national, and domestic terrorists and spies. He transitioned from field operative to direct undercover work focusing on Hanssen.

Currently, Eric O’Neill runs The Georgetown Group, a premier investigative and security consultancy out of Washington D.C. He specializes in counterintelligence operations, investigations into economic espionage, cybersecurity penetrations, internal investigations, and security risk assessment.

He has told his story in national media, including 20/20, Nightline, Hardball with Chris Mathews, Fox News Power Player of the Week with Chris Wallace, CNN, CSPAN’s Washington Journal, NPR’s “Fresh Air with Terry Gross,” World News Now, MTV, and Access Hollywood.

TechShowcase Trivia: Eric was featured in the movie Breach

The remarkable true events of his life are the inspiration behind the critically acclaimed dramatic thriller Breach, starring Ryan Philippe as O’Neill. The film set inside the FBI – the gatekeeper of the nation’s most sensitive and potentially volatile secrets – is the story of the greatest security breach in U.S. history.

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