Microsoft Office 365

Enjoy total mobility, enterprise tools and business freedom.

Office anywhere you want it, anytime.

Technology is a catalyst for business success, but organizations often find out the hard way that antiquated technologies impede processes. Bring IT back to your side with the agile and powerful Office 365.

Through the cloud, Office 365 expands productivity by delivering hosted email, the latest Office applications, and so much more. Work from anywhere, any time, with any device.

With built-in security and compliances, financially-backed and guaranteed 99.9% uptime and no upfront software cost, Office 365 opens new doors to business growth and innovation.

Microsoft Office 365. A to Z ebookA to Z: Why Office 365

Choosing a productivity suite for your business is never an easy decision, but we want to help make the choice a little easier. We know that data security, employee productivity, IT support, cost, and time to deployment and integration are all factors in your decision.
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  • Collaboration

    Enjoy hosted email, shared calendars, IM, presence information, video conferencing and a host of other collaborative tools.

  • Simplicity

    Have the newest, most up-to-date software available automatically, with no more messy installations or software refreshes.

  • Freedom

    Whether you’re a PC shop, Mac shop, or a mix of both, (with ongoing, friendly arguments between both camps, no doubt…) use Office 365 from any device.

  • Flexibility

    Grow and scale your environment easily, without making excessive investments in new infrastructure.

Which plan is right for you?


All of the Office 365 plans include:

  • Uptime

    Guaranteed 99.9% uptime, financially-backed service level agreement

  • Support

    IT-level web support and 24/7 phone support for critical issues

  • Integration

    Active Directory integration to easily manage user credentials and permissions

  • Security

    World-class data security

With Office 365 Trust Center

Keeping up with changes to the security landscape is one of the unique advantages of the Cloud. In fact, there are a number of properties that make the Cloud inherently different versus managing your own IT services. These go well beyond security, but have important security implications and benefits.

Office 365 Security and Compliance

CCB Office 365 Migration

CCB migrates you to Office 365

Office 365 orchestrated by CCB brings you familiar, top of the line products from an experienced partner. With our tested, analyzed, and streamlined Office 365 migration process, you can avoid the unexpected intricacies and dangers of a cloud migration. Whether you are a corporation or nonprofit, big or small, we will design and deliver a project plan that is on time and on budget.

Go ahead and take a break while we make your transition easy. It’s time to deploy and install.

What you'll get with a CCB migration:

  • Total integration

    With active directory and data synchronization, your transition into the cloud will be smooth and painstakingly accurate.

  • Systematic approach

    In any Office 365 migration, regardless of the size, we schedule preliminary, ongoing, and follow-up project discussions to ensure superb communication and your total satisfaction.

  • Post-integration support

    Once Office 365 is fully deployed, you can leverage CCB Premium Cloud Support to ensure you are completely equipped to take advantage of your new tools.

  • Unmatched Experience

    As a recognized Cloud Innovator, we have assisted corporations and organizations in moving over 70,000 users into the cloud.

Two ways to migrate:


Cutover Migration moves your users in a single cutover event.



Hybrid Migration moves users incrementally and at your own pace.

CCB Premium Cloud Support

CCB Office 365 Support

The Office 365 migration doesn’t end after deployment. CCB offers ongoing training
and support so you can fully employ the power of the cloud.

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