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Wouldn’t it be great to stop wondering if there are gaps in your company’s security? We can help you know for sure that you’re okay. You can breathe easy knowing that security experts are working behind the scenes watching your back.
Security as a Service

Let’s ensure you’re protected – can you afford not to be?

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Are you asking these questions?

  • How can I be confident our security measures protect us?
  • Do I need to have a security expert create a plan for us?
  • How can I afford to hire an in-house security specialist?
  • What can be done to protect our company from phishing attacks?
  • Can we protect our business without internal security expertise?
  • Can we get the security we need without huge upfront costs?

With CCB’s Cybersecurity Services, you’ll gain:


Know where you have gaps in your network, operations and applications.


Leverage emerging security technologies and our US-based Security Ops Center.


Guard your reputation with visibility into your vulnerabilities and compliance issues.


For a fraction of the cost of an in-house engineer, we fully secure your business.

“CCB has been my IT partner for five years and it’s great knowing I’m getting secure, integrated IT. My former IT company couldn’t provide that, but CCB has delivered. I trust CCB Technology with what’s important to me.”

– Pete Ciaramita, Owner, Lakeview Pharmacy

It’s dangerous to think “It will never happen to us.”

The reality is – if you’re an SMB – you’re a target. 64% of cyberattacks are aimed at YOU! Security should be at the center of your technology strategy.


of users have passwords that never expire.


of cyberattacks begin with a phishing email.


is the average number of days to identify a breach.

With CCB as your ally, you can defend your business against the dark forces at work!

  • We guard your frontline with employee awareness training and phish simulation.
  • You get the holistic, security trifecta: prevention, detection and response.
  • We proactively keep you current on trends and threats in the cyber landscape.
  • Our endpoint/device model provides you with fast provisioning.
  • Our team provides hard-to-find expertise that ensures you’re protected from risk.

Don’t be a headline! We can protect your business.

Ensure your stability with our layered security approach. We’ll train your team and give you the right solutions to stay secure.

“Thanks to CCB’s vCIO, we have a long-term strategy.”

“CCB’s team has guided the renewal of our agency’s outdated technology systems during a period of significant organizational transformation. They worked shoulder to shoulder with us to strategically enhance our technology infrastructure, upgrade our software, and significantly improve our IT security.

“CCB has brought to our partnership unparalleled expertise and strong technical advice, while helping us to define our long-term technology strategy that will better prepare us for the future.”

Sara Ray Stoelinga, PhD – President & CEO, Easterseals Chicagoland and Greater Rockford

7 Defenses to Improve Your Security

Cybercriminals are continuing to find new ways to jeopardize your business security – especially as more businesses adapt to partial or fully remote workforces. You’ll learn:

  • Predictions and shifts in security threats
  • What business-critical defenses you should have
  • Why advanced security is crucial to stay protected

Don’t try to do it yourself!

Equip your business with the best in cybersecurity support, knowledge and tools.