Device as a Service

Every dollar counts in your IT investments. Device as a Service offers you cost savings and flexibility without compromising productivity. Move beyond traditional PC buying and experience a better way.
Device as a Service

The world of PC purchasing is changing – DaaS is the future.

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Can you relate to these pain points?

  • My IT budget stops us from moving forward.
  • The high cost of refreshing our computers is unaffordable.
  • I don’t know what the best choice is for our end users.
  • Our current IT devices are hurting our ability to do business.
  • I’m worried outdated systems could compromise our security.
  • Our computer systems are falling behind quickly.

The business benefits of DaaS Premium


A low upfront cost and predictable operating expense creates more wiggle room in your budget.


Managed devices with helpdesk means no more device maintenance for your IT staff.


Vulnerability protection with automatic patches and updates, and insights into device condition.


The latest tech configured to your needs, with customized services and support.

Get better technology and take your IT budget further.

Let’s face it – we’ve all become discerning technology users. We want business-class devices, cutting-edge tools, streamlined support – high expectations! Well, we can get you there under a single, all-inclusive contract.

3-year term

Ideal for system refresh

Have it all

We can include peripherals


Protect your laptops

We have three DaaS options to choose from.

Technology should enable your business to be the best at what you do – but only if you’re using the very best in technology. Explore our packages, and remember, we can customize these to fit your needs.

• Basic • Standard • Premium

Make your IT dollars work for you!

Support your technology and your employees with the best IT from a DaaS solution.