Backup and Disaster Recovery

You’ve worked hard to build your business and you want a continuity plan that will drive your vision even further. It comes down to preparation and confidence that a disaster won’t undo all of your efforts. You can expect the best when you’re prepared for the worst.
Backup and Disaster Recovery

It’s not a case of if, but when, so make sure you’re prepared.

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Need answers to these questions?

  • Can I be confident ALL of our data is securely backed up?
  • How quickly can we get our critical systems running after a crisis?
  • Has data management become too complex for us internally?
  • Is what we’re doing meeting our data compliance requirements?
  • Does my current recovery program cover all possible scenarios?
  • How can I know that my business data isn’t vulnerable to attack?

Our backup and recovery services will give you:


Your data, physical and virtual systems, operating systems, and all applications are protected.


Coverage includes implementation, monitoring, maintenance, and recovery services.


Maintain operations with automated cloud-based disaster recovery failover, failback, and testing.


Your data is encrypted and stored to your defined retention and compliance policy.

“Managing backups is a tedious job and can feel like a wasted effort, so I was relieved when we outsourced it to CCB. Then our Vice President’s PC unexpectedly crashed – but CCB had us covered! All our “mission-critical” machines were backed-up, so we quickly pulled down all his files and had him up and running in no time.”

– Darnell Granberry, IT Director, Lake Automotive Group

We take your data very seriously. Know why?

We’re an SMB, like you, that’s invested a lot into our business, so we don’t offer you anything that hasn’t been tried and tested by us. We’ll cover your data, so you can have total peace of mind.


Get a data protection plan that meets your needs.


Limitless data storage – scale as needed.


Restoration of data is quick – down to the file level.

Here’s why CCB’s BDR Solution works:

  • We’re flexible with fully-managed or self-managed options for your backups.
  • Combining local and offsite geo-redundant storage gives you full protection.
  • Working from home? No problem with any time, anywhere access to your data.
  • We use the industry’s best tools and practices to protect you from threats.
  • Get backup strategy success with our reliable, unified data protection solution.

Customizable Data Protection

All of our plans give you speed, reliability, and scalability. Let us protect your business – so you can focus on running it.

Considerations When Choosing a Backup Solution

Your backup plan should give you confidence that your data is secure, accessible, and recoverable in the event of any emergency. Learn the most important factors in choosing the right backup solution:

  • What you need to know about your business before choosing a solution
  • How backups are different than a disaster recovery plan
  • The importance of a scalable and secure backup solution

Protect your data – leave the worry behind.

It doesn’t get easier than that! Give your business the safety and security it deserves.