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We’ve all been there – when stuff doesn’t work, it can drive you crazy. What makes it worse is when you can’t get it fixed… NOW! That’s where CCB has your back, all day, every day, with helpdesk care that will keep your team feeling supported.
Helpdesk Support

A helpdesk problem is a business problem – get the support you need.

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Do these sound all too familiar?

  • My company is having trouble with IT staffing.
  • My business is cyclical and I need help during our busy season.
  • Slow response to end user issues has employees frustrated.
  • We need to know that our remote workers are being supported.
  • I need a cost effective way to reduce burnout for our IT team.
  • We are spending too much time on daily user issues.

With CCB’s helpdesk working for you, you’ll gain:


Get back the time and resources you need to get to the next level.


No ticket is too big (or too small) for our highly-trained team.


We help you fill your IT gaps while keeping your cost predictable.


We have a knack for delivering a great customer experience.

“I love to brag about CCB as our helpdesk partner because of the great customer service I receive from their support team. They provide great communication and never give up – even when finding a solution is a challenge.”

– Janelle Thompson, Marketing Manager, Premier Staffing

Our helpdesk is everything you need it to be.

Technology is the backbone of your business and you need it to work properly – all the time! We’ll keep your team happy and working smoothly.

4.95 out of 5

Average ticket rating

Under 3 min.

Average response time


Our client retention rate

What makes CCB’s helpdesk different?

  • Clear, easy conversation with our U.S.-based call center team.
  • Your support options are customizable based on your business needs.
  • We listen! You can tell us how we did with each and every ticket.
  • Choose your way of communicating – call, email or use our self-service portal.
  • Clearly defined support levels to quickly prioritize and escalate tickets as needed.

Helpdesk Support Packages

From basic to complete support, you can choose exactly what you need to ensure your end users are taken care of.

• Basic • Standard • Premium

We were pleasantly surprised…

to be recognized by our industry for the level of expertise our engineers work to maintain. Their experience and hard work set them apart and make them the best at what they do. We think you’ll be surprised too when you join organizations around the country that use our helpdesk services and see how hard we work every day to delight our customers.

The Tech Elite 250 list highlights a select group of IT providers that have earned the highest number of advanced technical certifications and distinguished themselves with multiple IT specializations and partner designations from the industry’s top technology companies.

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Lose your helpdesk frustrations!

We’ll manage the end user issues that are slowing you down and turn them into wins.