Remote Desktop Management

92% of employees say having technology that helps them do their work effectively increases their job satisfaction. While servers may demand more attention, companies often ignore end user devices. That results in 22 minutes a day on average wasted on IT issues – per employee!
Remote Desktop Management

We can help you eliminate disruptions – it’s that simple.

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Are you struggling with these concerns?

  • I need help managing my IT devices.
  • I want employees focused on our business, not computer issues.
  • I’m tired of paying to fix things – I want to prevent problems.
  • IT staff is spread too thin to keep up with device maintenance.
  • Too much IT budget is spent on daily upkeep and management.
  • We lack resources, so I need help with patches and updates.

With CCB Preventative PC Maintenance supporting your business, you get:


We’ll have all of your devices working in harmony – regardless of the operating system.


Poor patch management can lead to data compromise. We keep you up-to-date.


Our device support is consistent, accurate, and efficient – maximizing performance.


We ensure your app configurations, desktop settings, and policies meet user profiles.

“CCB’s PC preventative maintenance service has been amazing. After testing it repeatedly, it’s always been up-to-date. It’s given us confidence in CCB to stay on top of things – even Microsoft updates. We’ve never had a service that followed through like this. I can’t recommend CCB enough.”

– Corey Fisher, System Administrator, Rogan’s Shoes

Technical support can make or break your company’s productivity.

Updating, patching, and managing end user devices creates an operational burden on your IT team, or without a team, leaves security gaps. We monitor your devices and perform proactive maintenance to create a productive work environment for your employees.


We streamline upgrades, software rollouts and management.


You’ll gain insights into the overall health and security of your PC environment.


We provide remote support for all of your users, across all of your locations.

Our PC Maintenance oversees your desktops, printers, and mobile devices.

  • Your systems are secure and perform optimally with our proactive maintenance.
  • We quickly respond to security events that impact your PC environment.
  • Develop PC standards that simplify and support user profiles with what’s needed.
  • We streamline the installation process for quicker restores and faster set-ups.
  • Improve hardware lifecycle and software asset management with reporting.

“We fully trust CCB.”

“We have had the opportunity to work with CCB and their friendly and experienced IT team for over 10 years. From hardware and software solutions, to firewall and security protocol, to both onsite and offsite storage, to system monitoring and 24/7 tech support, we fully trust CCB to take care of all our IT needs.

“If you aren’t working with CCB, you need to be!”

– Eric Peterson, Owner, Landmark Title of Racine, Inc.

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We’ll keep you running smoothly.

Our PC support delivers value, reducing payroll burden and giving time back to IT teams.