Our Mission: Help our clients achieve their goals and dreams through technology.

At CCB, we offer what we like to call “people-focused technology.” For us, it’s not just about cool IT toys (which we also like); we care about the people using the technology. We believe that by putting people first, we can make a difference in more than just IT.

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

– Peter Drucker


Our Story

Armed with the desire to empower others through technology, CCB founder Chris Booth decided to leave his executive position to establish a resource for helping nonprofits. By petitioning major IT manufacturers, Chris helped secure authorization of nonprofit pricing.

He collaborated with Microsoft on their first charity program, which gave nonprofits 70% off Microsoft licensing. Chris and Patti established Consistent Computer Bargains, Inc. in 1991, becoming the first company to provide discounts on IT solutions exclusively for nonprofits. We are proud to say that we’ve saved more than 40,000 nonprofit customers over $400 million on their IT resources.

Thirty years later, and now known as CCB Technology, we’ve expanded our offerings to include IT services and the corporate segment. Today, with Patrick Booth as president and CEO, CCB continues to focus on the people that use technology first and foremost, connecting and building relationships with customers across the country.

Integrity is the foundation

CCB is built on a rich legacy of integrity and stewardship. We hold ourselves to these high standards in all of our financial, business, and community dealings.

Serve others

We are motivated by delivering solutions that dynamically impact our customers. Regardless of industry or company size, we are committed to serving as a trusted advisor and empowering people to do great things through technology.

Love where you work

Loving where we work helps our customers love working with us. There is a distinct joy that stems from happy, satisfied people who are working towards a common goal.

Invest in people

Our business is about people and trust and we see every interaction as a chance to build strong, honest relationships. Whether a co-worker, customer, or business partner, we recognize that the relationships we build are the core of our business.

Lead through change

We are energized by the constant transformation of technology. With every change in the business or IT world, we evolve and look for new ways to deliver cutting-edge solutions to our customers.

Drive growth

We strategize and execute growth any way possible because business success doesn’t “just happen”. It requires vigilant and relentless work and that’s exactly what we give.

Influence society

We have a responsibility to positively impact society and our community on both a personal and business level. We give of our time, talents, and resources to make social change a reality.

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