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Do you love where you work?

The best hours of the best days in the best years of your life are spent at a job. That is why we believe you should love where you work. From top to bottom, our focus is on sharing life and connecting with people, both employees and customers.

Regardless of department or role, every individual effects the bottom line, adding to a collective goal: serving local and national nonprofits and businesses through technology. We find, hire, and invest in passionate people who want to be a part of this larger purpose. Each employee is a part of a team with a global impact.

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Reasons to love working at CCB

We’re passionate about:

serving nonprofits and businesses through technology

For over twenty-five years, CCB has served 40,000+ customers and saved nonprofits more than $400 million. As the company that pioneered charity licensing with manufacturers such as Microsoft, Adobe, and Symantec, CCB has continually been dedicated to serving those that serve others. Extending the same vision to other business verticals gives CCB employees a unique drive, aware of the impact their work is having on the missions and goals of every customer.

We’re passionate about: 

work culture

Work culture is a reflection of the people within a company. At CCB, “love where you work” is not just a slogan: it’s a standard that the company lives by and an environment we continually strive to create. We believe that there is a distinct joy that stems from happy, satisfied people who know they are working towards a common goal.  

We’re passionate about: 

investing in people

Each person that comes to the CCB family brings their own unique skills and experiences; CCB gives the training and tools needed to build skilled technology experts. Your growth leads to our growth and our investment in your knowledge never stops. Investing in people is more than just business growth, that’s why we give opportunities to join community sports teams and events, join our company “Health and Wellness” group, and many other ways to grow as a person while at work.

We’re passionate about: 

helping our community

Whether it’s through our yearly Christmas donation drive, sponsorships of local business events and sports teams (Go Kingfish!), or internships offered to local college students, we are completely given to the growth of the Kenosha-Racine community and the betterment of the people in it. Because the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, this is a vision we will continue to advance, helping every possible member of our community at every possible turn.

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