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We serve you so you can better serve others.

Nonprofit organizations are at the heart of CCB. We understand that many nonprofits work with limited resources and that finding the right tools for the right price can become a major obstacle when trying to achieve your mission. As the first national IT provider to work exclusively with nonprofits, we created the standard for charity pricing. While we’ve broadened our reach to include corporate organizations, serving nonprofits continues to be at the core of CCB.

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Proudly serving these nonprofit segments

  • K-12 Education

  • Higher Education

  • Federal Government

  • State & Local Government

  • Healthcare

  • Foundations

  • Religious Organizations

  • Social Service Organizations


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Bigger isn’t always better when you are a small business. See the IT products we recommend to fit your business needs and budget.

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When it comes to the technology needs of nonprofits—we get IT. There is an array of charity programs offered by many software and hardware manufacturers, and if your organization qualifies for one of these programs, we see it as our responsibility to help you take advantage of it.

With specific requirements and rules from each manufacturers’ program, CCB’s Nonprofit Specialists will assess your specific scenario and needs, guide you through charity pricing applications and submissions, and advise you along the way, helping you create a full-fledged IT strategy. We will do everything within our power to bring you the solutions you need at the best price possible.

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