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Servers, storage, and virtualization

Are you maximizing your resources?

With today’s X86 servers designed to run no more than one operating system and app at a time, each server generally operates at a mere 15 percent of capacity, meaning your tools are constantly underutilized and under-performing.

But do not despair! Armed with powerful servers, storage, and virtualization, and with CCB as your ally, you can reclaim data center resources and increase efficiency. Through partnerships with industry leaders such as HP, Dell, Lenovo, and EMC, we equip you with high quality server and storage solutions, while innovative virtualization solutions like VMware and Microsoft’s Hyper-V allow you to divide and fully maximize your hardware.

Regardless of your stage, you can trust us to provide dynamic data center solutions that will accommodate and facilitate growth for a scalable and virtual infrastructure.
Equipped by CCB with powerful tools, you can take back your data center!

The right tool is everything

  • Drive productivity

    Rather than squandering time with a legacy system, improve manageability and efficiency with the optimal server or virtual software for your environment and needs.

  • Eliminate downtime

    Ongoing uptime is vital for business success. Implementing the ideal server or a high availability storage solution will keep you running smoothly.

  • Reduce operating costs

    Instead of each application running on its own individual server, run multiple applications on a single appliance, reducing the cost of power, cooling, and hardware.

  • Enjoy peace of mind

    Whether you’re in need of a NAS, SAN, tape, or any other storage variant, we will connect you with the solution that ensures the safety of your data.

  • Proliferate utilization

    Tired of wasting 85% of your server or storage device? Virtualization allows your hardware to take full advantage of resources, so no storage or memory is wasted.

  • Find a fit

    As a top-tier partner of the industry leading server, storage, and virtualization manufacturers, we assess your environment and find the best fit the first time.

Our Partners for Data Center Solutions

  • Dell persistently offers new technologies and consistent architectures to help you accelerate your workloads.

  • HP’s “Just Right IT” philosophy works to deliver the ideal server and storage solution for your specific needs and environment.

  • Lenovo’s System x and ThinkServers offer a powerful, energy-efficient, and high-speed solution that challenges the industry status quo.

  • EMC consistently delivers the most innovative storage and data protection solutions to help you manage and protect your information.

    • As the industry leading virtualization solution, VMware simplifies your IT to help you be more agile, responsive, and profitable.
    • Hyper-V, Microsoft’s virtualization solution, delivers quicker application deployment and maintenance by consolidating your workloads onto fewer platforms.

Dell's Converged Solutions

How to be Future Ready with Dell:

  • Don’t just unify servers, storage, and networking; optimize their processes.
  • Boost performance & save money with workload adaptability.
  • Enforce the right, streamlined IT management.

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Need help with sourcing and configurations?

Design and Procure ITIL

CCB Design and Procurement Service

With our Design and Procure service, we learn your needs and design the ideal system and architecture. Our services cover data center and system design, hardware configuration, and leasing and financing programs.

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