Robust and tenacious network security solutions that protect your vital information.

Who are you trusting with your security?

The threat landscape is ever-evolving with new viruses, spyware, and hacks daily; often by the time the attack is recognized the damage has already been done.

CCB delivers security solutions that both detect and prevent these threats, resiliently learning and adapting while also seeking out potential dangers. Whether you’re looking for a firewall, content filtering tool, antivirus software, or any number of robust security tools, CCB’s end-to-end solutions from the world’s leading security innovators will equip you to defend your network with persistence and confidence.

Our Cybersecurity expert featured in “Surviving a Hack Attack"

CCB's Jon Hermanson Featured in Cybersecurity Experts' Panel

Jon Jermanson

Jon Hermanson, Sales Engineer at CCB Technology was recently featured as one of three experts in a panel discussion on Cybersecurity. Hermanson was featured in…Keep Reading

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Gain the upper-hand with security

  • Reduce disruptions

    With an end-to-end security solution in place, you won’t squander your time dealing with spam and eradicating viruses.

  • Prevent complications

    Restore peace of mind by preparing your environment for attacks and stopping complications before they occur.

  • Mobilize securely

    Allow your users to safely and securely access your network remotely without introducing viruses or threats.

  • Enhance productivity

    Implement identity based controls and web filtering to improve your bandwidth-performance and efficiency.

  • Increase customer trust

    Protect your customers’ sensitive information and your reputation.

Our Partners in Security Solutions

  • SonicWall delivers the most widely utilized small business security solutions.

  • Kaspersky builds solutions that are focused on both addressing today’s problems and preventing tomorrow’s attacks.

  • Trend Micro delivers solutions that protect your data in a number of environments.

  • Barracuda products protect your environment through security, networking, cloud services, and storage.

  • Intel Security delivers ever-present security solutions.

  • Symantec is a world leading provider of security and storage solutions.

  • Award-winning, easy-to-use security products for SMBs and enterprises alike.

  • ESET is proactive, fast, and effective server-to-endpoint protection.

Want to find hidden threats?

Consult and Assess ITIL

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Take advantage of our Infrastructure & Network Assessment to gauge your networks strengths and weaknesses. Our comprehensive dissection of your environment unveils hidden threats and accurately gauges your network strengths, so you know which areas to focus on.

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