IT Services for Nonprofits

Your team is all about making a difference and they need great IT to make that happen. But limited staff and resources can make that a challenge. You need an IT partner who understands your needs and builds an affordable and flexible solution around them.

Don’t let your IT hold back your mission.

Put an end to constant tech issues that pull you away from the important things you need to do. We’ll prevent them in the first place. And if something unexpected comes up, we’ve got you covered. We’ll work with you to create a holistic, budget-friendly, multi-year IT plan that you can trust.

Keep your data secure and employees happy.

Your data needs to be secure and safe from hackers. We can do that, plus ensure you meet the compliance regulations that apply to you. We can also train employees on security awareness, provide them with the best productivity tools, and deliver fast, friendly responses to their IT issues.

Benefits of working with CCB:

Upfront and transparent.

With CCB, you’ll always know and understand what you’re getting. Our contracts, SLAs, and fixed monthly pricing will provide you with clarity,  and our reporting and reviews help you to stay in control and clearly informed. Your complete trust in us is important.

History with nonprofits.

Serving nonprofits is why we started! We have 30+ years of commitment to nonprofits, and it’s our pleasure to serve thousands of organizations across the country with budget-sensitive IT services. We’re here to help you get the IT you need, too.

Focus on providing value.

You depend on donor funding and that means every dollar counts, but that doesn’t mean you need to resign yourself to low-quality IT support. We only recommend technologies we know you can trust, backed with dependable, guaranteed support.

Your mission is important.

You work hard to make the world a better place, so you need reliable IT Services that help you serve your mission. We promise fast, friendly, and patient support from our experienced team who you can trust to manage your IT thoroughly.

Let’s talk about your IT needs.

Schedule a free, no-obligation call with one of our nonprofit consultants. Zero pressure – free advice.